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Slimming Treatments

Our slimming treatments are all non invasive and have no down time.  Our slimming treatments are all provided in the comfort of your own home. We are excited for you to experience one of our amazing slimming treatment and help your reach your body goals or prepare your body for an upcoming event, as we take pride in achieving amazing  results. 

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Glacial Sculpt + Wood Therapy $230

Our Glacial Sculpt treatment freezes and breaks down adipose tissue, helping you slim down and reduce inches on your desired focus area. Our Glacial ice is applied frozen allowing your body to detox, burn calories, burn fat and increasing metabolism through our bodies natural response called thermogenesis. This treatment can aid in weight loss, reduce cellulite, tighten, tone and slim/contour your body. 

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Full Body & Facial Glacial Sculpt $295

Our Glacial Sculpt Facial treatment lifts, contours and sculpts your face with the application of a frozen glacial ice applied directly to your face and neck. This treatment can help reduce your double chin, tone your cheeks and give you an instant lifting effect. Aside from its amazing sculpting effects, this treatment also helps diminishing fine lines, improves wrinkle appearance, eliminated puffiness, activates circulation and clean your pores,  

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Detox Lymphatic Drainage $230

This powerful massage works directly with your lymphatic and digestive system to detoxify your body. Our Detox massage is designed to help eliminate toxins, decrease bloating, reduce water retention, reduce inflammation, enhance immune system and cleanse your colon. 

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Detox Lymphatic Drainage / with Face Sculpting & Sauna $295

Our complete detox massage is a combination our detox lymphatic drainage massage for the body and it includes a lymphatic facial. Our lymphatic facial will help sculpt, contour and tone your face while getting rid of toxins and inflammation. Our sculpting facial includes the use of facial cupping and gua sha to help release muscle tension and tone the face. 


Complete Detox Body / With Lipo Cavitation / Sauna $ 360

This treatment starts with a Detox lymphatic drainage massage, followed by lipo cavitation and radio frequency that will help detox, slim, shape and reduces inches of your body and finishing up with a body wrap and sauna


Complete Detox Body & Face with Lipo Cavitation / Sauna $430

This treatment starts with a Detox lymphatic drainage massage, followed by lipo cavitation and radio frequency that will help detox, slim, shape and reduces inches of your body and finishing up with a body wrap and sauna and a sculpting facial massage

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Slimming Request


Booking: Please submit your request form and allow 1-3 hours for our customer support to get back to you. Once your request has been approved, a non refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your date and time being scheduled. In the event your date and time is not available, our customer support will provide alternative options for you. The deposit gets credited towards the service scheduled and remaining balance will be due the date of service. Please note that travel fees may apply. Cancellation: Any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit your deposit Rescheduling: You will be allowed to reschedule your appointment only once before forfeiting your deposit if you notify us within 48 hours prior to your appointment or if any unexpected illness arises. Any rescheduling done less than 48 hours will forfeit your deposit and a new$50 non refundable deposit will be required for the new date and time be rescheduled for. Payments: Deposits and remaining balance can be paid through zelle, venmo. cash app, or square. We also accept cash.  Business hours: Our regular business hours are Mon-Sun 9am-7pmAppointments booked during the following times will incur an added after hour fee. 6am-8am $100 extra | 8am-9am $50 extra | 7pm-9pm $50 extra | 9pm-11pm $100 extra | 11pm-6am price will be negotiated 

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