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Body Contouring & Ice Sculpting
Elite Course

Helen is proud to introduce her highly requested training classes to serious up and coming entrepreneurs. This class will go in-depth in all aspects of running a Body Contouring & Ice Sculpting business. Our objective is to train quality Body Contouring & Ice Sculpting professionals to stand out in this growing industry. We want everyone that takes this course to be proud to say they were trained by Helen LMT. 

All students will be provided with the information and confidence to be successful in this growing industry. Every entrepreneur taking this course will be provided with a detailed manual that will cover the science / theory behind Body Contouring & Ice Sculpting, basic knowledge of the lymphatic system, client consultation, contraindication, proper body mechanics, sanitation, marketing & branding, pricing, management lecture, tax strategies, business ethics & attire, secrets to success and hands on training. 

Our Body Contouring Elite Course - Will train you in wood therapy, ultrasonic cavitation, laser lipo, radio frequency, vacuum therapy, buttocks enhancement and techniques for best results. 

Ice Sculpting Elite Course - Will train you in the science and effects behind what Ice does to the human body and how it helps you reduce circumference and aid in weight loss. You will be trained on how to professionally apply ice and the techniques to get the best results.

We've come up with four easy and convenient success packages for you to choose from. The packages will provide certifications and all the information mentioned above depending on the package you select. The difference between the packages, is if you want one or two certification and if you want the equipment or want to purchase the equipment on your own (vendors will be provided if you choose to buy it on your own). Choosing one package over the other, will not compromise the valuable information being provided.


Every single student will have hands on training to experience and the proper way to perform these amazing services.

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