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Glacial Sculpt

Elevate Your Beauty With Glacial Sculpt

About our Glacial Sculpt Treatment

Experience the ultimate transformation with our "Glacial Sculpt" cold treatment, a harmonious fusion of sculpting, slimming, cellulite combatting, detoxifying, and skin tightening benefits, Crafted to prepare you for special occasions like photoshoots, weddings, and significant events, this indulgent experience is your pathway to radiance. Harnessing the power of Metal therapy and lymphatic drainage, this treatment not only refines your body's contours but also enhances your natural beauty from within, Step into the spotlight with newfound confidence,

Is This Treatment Right For Me?

Our glacial sculpt treatment offers a refreshing and innovative option for individuals seeking to enhance their body’s contours and address cellulite concerns. This cold therapy approach, utilizing a frozen Glacial block made from natural ingredients, can be especially beneficial for those aiming to achieve a toned and rejuvenated appearance. Whether aiming to target specific problem areas or seeking an overall revitalizing experience, this treatment caters to a diverse range of individuals. From fitness enthusiasts looking to complement their healthy lifestyles, to those seeking a confidence boost, the glacial sculpt treatment presents an enticing avenue for achieving their aesthetic goals through a holistic and nature-inspired approach.

  • Detoxifies

  • Slims & Sculpts target areas 

  • Enhances skin tone & texture 

  • Targets & Reduces cellulite 

  • Aids in weight loss

  • Reduces inflammation 

  • Activates lymphatic system 

  • Non invasive - natural approach

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How To Prepare

  • Hydrate: Start by drinking plenty of water before your treatment. Hydrated skin responds better to treatments and helps to maximize the benefits. 

  • Exfoliate Gently: A day or two before your treatment, exfoliate your skin gently. This helps to remove dead skin cells and allows the treatment products to penetrate more effectively.

  •  Skip Heavy Creams: Avoid heavy creams or lotions on the treatment day, as they can interfere with the treatment’s effectiveness. Use a lightweight moisturizer if needed. 

  •  Mental Preparation for Cold Treatment: Mentally prepare for the cooling sensations by embracing the invigorating effect it will have on your skin. Focus on the positive results and the refreshing experience the cold treatment can offer.

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