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Lymphatic Wellness Experience

Nurturing from within

About our Lymphatic Wellness Experience

Indulge in our exclusive "Lymphatic Wellness Experience," a comprehensive treatment designed to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. This extraordinary treatment includes a highly effective lymphatic drainage massage, which stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation. Next, experience the state-of-the-art sauna blanket, renowned for its ability to promote sweating and accelerate the detoxification process. Finally, treat yourself to a soothing lymphatic facial massage, expertly designed to improve circulation and restore radiance to your skin. Whether you're seeking to recover from a weekend of indulgence, a long flight, or simply in need of some well-deserved relaxation, our Lymphatic Wellness Experience is the ultimate solution. Embark on this transformative journey and emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and utterly pampered.

Is This Treatment Right For Me?

  • Detoxification

  • Improved Circulation

  • Reduced Swelling

  • Enhanced Immune System

  • Skin Health

  • Stress Relief

  • Pain Relief

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Glowing Complexion

  • Mind-Body Balance

  • Optimized Results

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How To Prepare

  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water before your massage. Proper hydration enhances the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage by promoting fluid flow and detoxification

  •  Light Meal: Avoid heavy meals right before the massage. Opt for a light & easily digestible meal a couple hours before your session to ensure comfort. 

  •  For best results: Avoid salt, sugar and alcohol before and after session 

  • Rest & Relax: Give yourself time to rest after the massage, Avoid strenuous activities to fully enjoy the relaxation benefits


90 min Lymphatic Wellness Experience  $295

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