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Mommy's Bliss

Relaxing Wellness For Expecting Mothers

About Mommy's Bliss

Experience pure serenity with our "Mommy's Bliss" Prenatal Massage, specially crafted to cocoon expecting mothers in a world of comfort and relaxation. Our skilled therapist usesgentle techniques to alleviate the unique stresses carried during pregnancy, promoting a sense of well=being for both you and your baby.  As a delightful addition, enjoy a complimentary soothing face mask add-on, designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you glowing and refreshed.  

Is This Treatment Right For Me?

If you’re an expectant mother seeking comfort and relaxation during your journey to motherhood, our prenatal massage could be the perfect fit. Our licensed therapists specialize in tailoring massage techniques to address the unique needs of pregnancy, from easing muscle tension to promoting a sense of calm. Prioritizing your well-being, we ensure your safety and comfort throughout the session. However, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before booking to ensure that a prenatal massage aligns with your specific circumstances. Let us help you find relief and serenity on this beautiful path to motherhood.”

Candles & Plants

How To Prepare

  • Hydration: Drink plenty of water before your massage to stay hydrated, Proper hydration improves circulation,

  •  Light Meal: Avoid heavy meals right before the massage. Opt for a light & easily digestible meal or snack 1 hour before, 

  •  Clear space: Choose a quiet nd clutter free room in your home where your therapist can set up a comfortable massage table. 

  • Communication: Discuss any preference, concerns, or specific areas of focus with your therapist before.


60 min-Mommy's Bliss $195 | Includes 1 Complimentary Add-On

75 min-Mommy's Bliss $230 | Includes 1 Complimentary Add-On

90 min-Mommy's Bliss $265 | Includes 1 Complimentary Add-On

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