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Detox Lymphatic Drainage | Glacial | Body Sculpt

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Let us help you look and feel your best by treating yourself to one of our Amazing Slimming Treatments. Some studies show that 70% of your immune system resides in your intestines. Our treatments are aimed to improve your lymphatic and digestive system which will help you feel and look better. A healthy immune system gives your skin an oxygenated and youthful glow. As your body starts receiving the nutrients it needs to nourish it, you will start to witness the affects of our amazing treatments. Some of the benefits include a, Slimming appearance, decreasing toxic overload, reducing bloat, reducing cellulite, body sculpt and improvement in your confidence and health. 

Detox Lymphatic Drainage

Glacial Sculpt

Detox your body  and mind with our most popular detox treatment that's stimulates the removal of toxins from within. Your detox experience begins with a volcanic clay wrapped in a top of the line infrared sauna blanket followed by a sculpting detox lymphatic drainage massage This powerful treatment will aid in boosting your immune system, reduce inflammation, reduce cellulite, unblock a sluggish system and energizing your body. Enhance your experience by upgrading to our 90 min massage that incorporates a lymphatic facial that will get rid of puffiness and give you a natural lift.

Our Glacial Sculpt treatment freezes and breaks down adipose tissue, helping you slim down and reduce inches on your desired focus area. Our Glacial ice is applied frozen allowing your body to detox, burn calories, burn fat and increasing metabolism through our bodies natural response called thermogenesis. This treatment can aid in weight loss, reduce cellulite, tighten, tone and slim/contour your body. 

Lipo Cavitation

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This non invasive treatment helps with fat removal, making it perfect for those with hard stubborn fat. This treatment starts with our lipo cavitation machine that uses heat and sound waves to break down the fat cells, followed by radio frequency that helps with the production of collagen and skin tightening, concluding your session with our signature detox lymphatic drainage massage.

Looking for the best gift to give a loved one, friend, acquaintance, employee(s), co-worker, business partner? There's nothing wrong with spoiling and splurging on those you care about once in a while.  After all, who doesn't want to be pampered. Gift a HELEN LMT Gift Card. 

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